Products and Services

We offer the following at our practice:

  • Audiologic evaluation to include various hearing tests,
  • Digital hearing aids,
  • Tinnitus management and electronic relief devices,
  • Custom hearing protection,
  • Custom floatable swim molds,
  • Full-service hearing aid repairs,
  • Assistive listening devices, &
  • Follow-up care.

Advanced Digital Hearing Aids

We carry a wide variety of hearing aids and whether you are new to hearing aids or have worn several different styles and brands over the years, we have a hearing aid that is right for you. Chosen based on results of your hearing exam as well as the patient’s individual choices and preferences, hearing aids are ordered from a selection of major American manufacturers.  Just a very few of our products from manufacturers by the name of Starkey, Phonak, Signia, GN ReSound, and Oticon are shown below.

As worn by the user
As worn by the user
As worn by the user
As worn by the user

A variety of custom-in-the-ear styles
A variety of custom-in-the-ear styles

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids can also be complemented by additional accessories for the television and cell phones that transmit wirelessly direct to your hearing aids.  These wireless accessories are great for hearing better in noisy environments and hearing without interference from poor room acoustics.   For example, the TV can be set at a normal level for others in the room but heard well by the hearing aid wearer.   Cellphone conversations can be heard easily without placing the phone near the ear.  For individuals with the most challenging listening situations and/or the most difficulty hearing in noise, wireless remote microphones are a great choice.  These can be worn near the mouth of communication partners or placed in a central location such as a meeting or restaurant table.  Such accessories offer the absolute best in hearing healthcare and are available at a small fraction of the initial hearing aid purchasing costs.

Remote control
Remote control
iPhone Compatiable
Smart phone apps

What to expect?

On the day of the fitting, computer software with the personal touch of the audiologist will program parameters of your hearing aids to prescriptive recommendations and fine-tune a wide selection of additional features.  Measures of hearing aid functionality will be made with standard-of-care real-ear equipment placing a probe microphone tube in the ear canal as part of the verification process.  Testing your speech recognition with the hearing aids in a listening environment is also part of the comprehensive evaluation.   Questionnaires and in-person interviews at follow-up appointments will assess if any additional changes to the hearing aids are needed.

Custom earpieces

We also offer the latest in custom earpieces.  Like hearing aids, customs earpieces require an ear impression that is unique to your ear only.  For a link to a video of the process, click here.

Custom earpieces are, for not only hearing aids but also, for protection from occupational or recreational noise exposure.   Such earpieces can be passive filtering systems or advanced digital electronic devices that not only amplify soft sounds for better hearing but clamp down to impede loud, potentially dangerous, sounds to keep you hearing well for years to come.

A few of our custom earpieces from our manufacturer by the name of Westone are shown below.

A passive filtering system with flat attenuation

For the protection of hearing, but with the same frequency response – A musician’s earplug

An active filter system based on input level.

For recreational shooting and hunting – The DefendEar

Other special need earpieces can serve as communication headsets, racing headsets, or musician in-ear monitors.  For those considering the best when listening for your favorite music and movies, we offer earmolds that couple with your existing favorite headphones or that offers up to five balanced armature drivers for the most discerning audiophiles.

A communication headset

For security and surveillance listening

A custom set of headphones

For the most discerning ears of high-fidelity audio

Another group of specialty earpieces is for individuals of all ages no matter if you are just learning to swim or already an Olympian swimmer.   These earpieces are swim plugs, and like our other earpieces, come in a variety of shapes, swirls, as well as other desired decorative touches.  Swim plugs are also good for a wide range of other water activities such as waterskiing to snorkeling.   For individuals with pressure equalization (PE) tubes, swim plugs may even be a necessity for more regular daily activities like showering or bathing.

A swim plug

For protection of the ear from unwanted water
For the protection of the ear from unwanted water