“Hearing more is just the beginning.”

Johnson Hearing Technology and Communication, PLLC is committed to the delivery of quality hearing healthcare.   We serve patients from upper east Tennessee, western North Carolina, and southwest Virginia.

Office Equipment

With a ventilated sound booth and plenty of windows, the patient can feel relaxed knowing that his/her hearing is being tested in a well-controlled environment with the most trusted state-of-the-art equipment available.  After the hearing test and other routine tests of ear function, the patient is seated alongside Dr. Johnson for an explanation of the examination results.


The explanation uses easy-to-follow diagrams and a large demonstration unit of the ear which disassembles to show the patient all the parts of the ear that were examined.  If appropriate, available hearing aid styles and technologies are then discussed for a selection decision.


The patient can be fitted immediately following the hearing aid selection if open-fit hearing aids are both chosen and appropriate. If custom, closed-fitted hearing aids are selected, then the patient usually returns for the fitting about 3-7 days later upon arrival of the aids from the manufacturer.  With the programming computer using measurements made in the ear canal of the patient, the hearing aids are fit to prescriptive recommendations and, if needed, fine-tuned for patient satisfaction and sound quality preferences.


A detailed orientation regarding the care, cleaning, and effective and safe operation of hearing aids are provided.  The patient is scheduled for return follow-up visits as needed throughout the warranty period for all new hearing aid purchases. After the warranty period, Dr. Johnson is always willing to work with patients on an as-needed basis for repairs, parts, hearing reexaminations, or hearing aid reprogramming for only customary material and service charges. Only when needed due to age and condition of previously hearing aids, request of the patient with benefits, or patient request to purchase again will new hearing aids be recommended to replace previously purchased hearing aids from our practice.