“Helping people hear better one person at a time.”

Johnson Hearing Technology and Communication, PLLC is located at 2831 East Oakland Avenue Suite 2 in Johnson City, TN.  We are a provider of high-quality hearing aid products and accessories as well as premier service.  Many of the accessories can be used to increase connectivity with cellphones and televisions.  The accessories can also enhance hearing in difficult listening situations by improving communication with features such as remote microphones to overcome a noisy background environment and distance.

We offer the best in hearing healthcare, including comprehensive hearing evaluation, prescriptive hearing aid fittings, and validation of your outcome with the chosen treatment.  We will listen to your individual hearing problems and evaluate your communication needs.

There are many hearing aid choices but only a few compassionate caring individuals who are expertly trained to deal with a wide range of hearing losses and hearing technologies.  These technologies and the computer software that controls them have a host of adjustments, settings, and features that can each be fine-tuned for the individual hearing aid user.  At Johnson Hearing Technology and Communication, you will receive expert advice, professional products and service, and our best efforts to help ensure your success and satisfaction.


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Earl Johnson, Au.D., Ph.D., Owner and Audiologist


A primary motivator for Earl pursuing higher education at a university was to earn a license to practice healthcare.  His nickname among others in elementary and secondary school was Dr. Earl and he still likes that name.  He found his passion in Audiology (avoiding medical school loans) as an amalgamation of a well-rounded appreciation for human anatomy, math, science, computers and electronics, economics, linguistics, and even a little persuasion and philosophy.   His mother, a 35-year nursing instructor introduced him to the profession at the age of 17 and his father’s placement of his eldest son in summer jobs helped ensure a dedication to pursing higher education.  He received an Audiology license in 2005 and later received a PhD in Hearing Sciences from Vanderbilt University and an AuD from the University of Florida.

Dr. Earl has been an audiologist specializing in the patient experience with hearing aids for 18 years.  He serves patients at a local hospital and participates as an associate professor in the education of current students in the East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Audiology program.  His research has been published in peer-review and industry trade journals and presented at state and national conferences as well as several international conferences as an invited speaker.

In 2013, he began a professional LLC practice to serve patients in his community and make presentations when invited. The quintessence of research and education as well as professional experience is dissemination to share knowledge and perspectives while continuing to learn from others.  All of which are important reasons for the importance of hearing!  He lives in Johnson City with his wife, Marie and together have a son named Nash.  They enjoy their family time at home as well as trips to visit family and occasional trips to the beach.

Meredith L. Miller, M.A., CCC-A, Audiologist


Meredith Miller is excited to provide hearing healthcare to clients and their families.  Meredith grew up in Rochester, NY and received her Master of Arts in Audiology at Ohio University.  Meredith’s father is deaf and this life experience inspired her to pursue Audiology as an occupation and a passion. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is licensed by the state of Tennessee as an Audiologist and approved to dispense hearing aids.  Meredith began her career at an ENT practice and an Otoneurotology practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before moving down to Tennessee 20 years ago.  She has worked at a local Audiology clinic in Johnson City for nine years and is pleased to continue to serve her clients and meet new ones at Johnson Hearing Technology and Communication.  Meredith lives in Johnson City with her husband, Peter and has three children. In her free time, Meredith enjoys being on the lake, reading and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.