“Helping people hear better one person at a time.”

Earl Johnson, Audiologist and Owner

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Johnson Hearing Technology and Communication, PLLC is located at 2831 East Oakland Avenue Suite 2 in Johnson City, TN.  We are a provider of high-quality hearing aid products and accessories as well as premier service.  Many of the accessories can be used to increase connectivity with cellphones and televisions.  The accessories can also enhance hearing in difficult listening situations by improving communication with features such as remote microphones to overcome a noisy background environment and distance.

We offer the best in hearing healthcare, including comprehensive hearing evaluation, prescriptive hearing aid fittings, and validation of your outcome with the chosen treatment.  We will listen to your individual hearing problems and evaluate your communication needs.

There are many hearing aid choices but only a few compassionate caring individuals who are expertly trained to deal with a wide range of hearing losses and hearing technologies.  These technologies and the computer software that controls them have a host of adjustments, settings, and features that can each be fine-tuned for the individual hearing aid user.  At Johnson Hearing Technology and Communication, you will receive expert advice, professional products and service, and our best efforts to help ensure your success and satisfaction.