Categories, Warranties, and Repairs

Hearing Aid Selection, Evaluation, and Fitting

We offer a variety of hearing aids to fit many different lifestyles and listening needs.

Buying from an Audiology practice in the State of Tennessee means that no sales tax is added to your hearing-aid related purchases.

The following is a breakdown of technology categories common among hearing aids. We work with every patient to explain the difference among hearing aid choices and find the one that is best suited for the individual. Our practice is not sales driven to push premium, newly released hearing aids.  We do, however, carry the very best in newly released hearing aids for those individuals seeking the most recent products.  Hearing aids in the Standard and Advanced categories can meet the needs of the vast majority of patients.

Level 1 – Basic

Each hearing aid – basic level technology

2-year warranty

2-year hearing aid repair service

Wireless accessories optional (see products and service page)

Level 2 – Standard

Each hearing aid – standard level technology

2 year warranty

2 year hearing aid repair service

Wireless accessories optional (see products and services page)

Level 3 – Advanced

Each hearing aid – mid-level technology

3 year warranty

3 year care plan

Wireless accessories optional (see products and services page)

Level 4 – Premier

Each hearing aid – premium level technology

3 year warranty

3 year care plan

Wireless accessories optional (see products and services page)

Hearing aid pricing includes a one-time loss and damage replacement with an applicable deductible at the time of claim.

All hearing aids include a 60-day trial period.

Financing is available with an application through CareCredit for new hearing aid purchases with low monthly payments and little to no interest. As an approved provider location, we can help guide the patient through the application at the office or the application can be completed online from the comfort of home.

We also accept cash, check or credit (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc.).


Out of Warranty and Repair Services

Rather than simply selling all patients who visit our office new aids, if the patient desires, we can service hearing aids from most major manufacturers regardless of the original purchase location.  Generally speaking, we recommend that patients consider repairing or reprogramming recently purchased hearing aids if the age and conditional wear of the devices are no more than 3-5 years.   We will also determine if the hearing aids are appropriate for the patient’s hearing loss by examining technical specifications (required of all hearing aids regulated by the Food and Drug Administration) as well as the current performance of the device in the patient’s ear relative to prescriptive recommendations based on the audiometric hearing loss.

For non-functioning hearing aids

  • Full manufacturer repair which will include a one-year operational warranty
  • Other simple in-house repairs (e.g., cleaning and recondition, retubing, part replacement, etc.)

For functioning hearing aids

  • Programming and verification of hearing aid operation to prescription
  • Programming and verification of hearing aid operation to prescription